Using math you learned in school another way

Do you remember any of those old formulas that you learned in school like the area of a circle (πr2), or perimeter of a circle (2πr or πd)? What about the formula that goes by the dreaded slope of a line and other terrifying names? But let’s see how we can start using math you learned in another way – on our finances.

The formula is: y = mx + b
This can tell us quickly if our finances are heading in the right direction (up vs. down), and how quickly it may get to the target that we want.
Here’s a basic graph of a line starting at zero.

y in the formula is how much money we want to accumulate, or have accumulated.
m in the formula is how quickly it goes up (or down), and this is known as the slope of a line.
x in the formula is what time interval we choose to look at the line, so it can be each paycheck, each month, each year, etc.
b in the formula is where we start at, so we’ll set that to zero.

Final thoughts: I’m not sure if something like this is helping people, or if it is scaring them. It is my sincerest hope that it doesn’t scare anyone because after all, using math you learned is what everyone is doing since they first started learning addition/subtraction/multiplication/division in school.

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