A colleague and a mentor once said something that has remained with me for many years. The scenario was that I was a soon to be father for the very¬†first time, and my wife and I were soon to find out that we’d be doubly blessed (yes twins). His statement was a simple one, he said there is an old Chinese phrase that loosely translated would mean “You are now rich in the heart, and poor in the pocket”.
After an additional 4 years we were blessed with another child, and another year after that our 4th blessing was born!

Chris from Rich In The Heart

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  5. Hi Chris!! I like that Chinese proverb! I may have to borrow it from you if you don’t mind hehe! I have two daughters of my own and I am super rich in the heart! I can only imagine having two more like you and your family!

    Cheers and Good luck!


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    • The subject matter is my own. Basically when something strikes me the right way, I just go ahead an post it on my website for discussion.

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      Just a heads up, posts like this are actually spam. Watch out for posts that don’t reference what you wrote at all but instead make general comments like “I’m really impressed with your blog.” They’re baiting you for a response.

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  7. Thanks for visiting. Please come back as frequently as you want. Hopefully I can write some engaging articles. :-)

  8. “Professional” in what way? Do you mean someone who only does that for a living, or would an English major in their Junior or Senior year at a local college work for you?

  9. Thank you very much Rupert. You also can register using the link above the “Entries RSS” link on the right side of the website.

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    Some of this may easily have been written at other sites on the Internet itself, but I try to put it in my own words with my own style to present it in a unique and sometimes more understandable way. Hopefully I’m effective at that. :-)

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