Presidential declaration for financial literacy month

According to this press release, President Obama has declared April to be “National Financial Literacy Month”.

I for on applaud the desires of the President to have citizens of the U.S. to become financially literate, and no longer choose to stick their heads in the sand regarding both their own finances, as well as those of the government at all levels.
Keeping oneself informed about your own finances can be as simple as getting all your recent statements together and writing them down on paper or put them into a spreadsheet. Add them up and see how much debt you are in, and compare it to the amount of cash/savings that you have readily available. That only requires simple addition and subtraction to get this accomplished. Add all your debts in one column, and add all your minimum payments in another column, and finally add all your cash/savings accounts in another column. After the total of the minimum payments column, add the amount that you spend on groceries/clothing and add that to the minimum payments value that was previously calculated. Now subtract the total of the minimum payments column from the cash/savings account. I sincerely hope that you have enough to cover those payments!

Just drop an email to admin at richintheheart dot com if you have any questions or need some help. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible. Have a great day everyone!

Link for the press release from the White House above:

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