Net worth as of Dec 2013

Since this is a personal finance site, I figure I should divulge some bits of person financial information such as net worth. This is the first post of my net worth and I will try to post this every quarter as time permits, or every month if I am able.
I just checked our net worth and this is what I found:

  • growth by 121% from the same time 1 year ago (I chose Dec 31st)
  • growth by 13.8% from 6 months prior
  • growth by 30.6% from 3 months prior
  • growth by 6.3% from the previous month due in part to our 6 month car insurance bill having to be paid

If the yearly growth is positive, and especially by anywhere near 50%+, I couldn’t be any happier! :-) Obviously, that is going to be very, very difficult to continue following such increases as our net worth grows.

Now keep in mind that this net worth that I’m talking about is limited in scope to the financial accounts for retirement, checking, savings, and any non-mortgage related debt only. It does NOT include house appraisal or the mortgage, the 2 vehicles that we have – even though they are older, or the overall contents of our house, such as furniture or audio/video equipment or other electronics.
I could easily but don’t like to include the house/mortgage as part of net worth, simply because we have to live somewhere.

Edited to correct the numbers to properly represent all of the growth and no shrinking from the previous month.

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