Making the choice to pay more taxes … just to pay more taxes

That thought is the VERY first thing that entered my mind when our esteemed Senator Ray Lesniak suggested that we need to raise the gasoline tax by 5 cents per year for the next 3 years, so that we can get additional funding from Federal gov"t. His intention is well placed because it is supposed to be designed to replenish the Transportation Trust fund. That’s where I get the pay more taxes just to pay more taxes thought.

What he doesn"t seem understanding is that what he is effectively stating, is that we need to raise the tax on people who work and commute in NJ, so that everyone across the country that works and pays taxes will also pay more Federal taxes so that NJ receives some large additional funding from the Federal gov"t.

Perhaps that would make some sense, but there are a couple other wrinkles in this whole piece of legislation:

  1. The Transportation Trust fund has been “raided” by politicians that were in prior to some (but not all) of the current legislators
  2. The 15¢/gallon increase would more than double the current 14.5¢/gallon existing gas tax
  3. This is thankfully lower than his original proposed legislation which was to increase it by 24¢/gallon
  4. As already mentioned, this will not only raise NJ driver’s taxes, but will likely also increase Federal taxes

Does this make sense to anyone, or am I just being insanely silly?

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