Looking ahead in your financial life

You think about what’s on TV next week, what to wear to weddings or other events, what to pay for gifts to weddings, what you are going to do for your next vacation if you are so blessed, etc. Never forget to be looking ahead in your financial life and not just TV shows or vacations all the time. Well, unless of course you have a plan of putting away 30% or more of your paycheck.

Some people are so frugal that they don’t even watch TV, and maybe don’t even take vacations. It doesn’t matter as much if you always get a lot of money back at tax season, which is just for this tax year. It doesn’t matter what you paid first unless it is you.

Now just how far do you look ahead in your financial life? I personally look anywhere from 3 to 5 years in advance to see the effect of our spending habits on our future life. That is one reason that I began to write a perpetual budget for the Finance 101 program. One item on my bucket list is to actually finish writing that portion of the program, but more than likely bring it more up to date by adding that calculator, and all the other calculators onto this website so that people wouldn’t have to download anything. My purpose on this was to allow someone to readily switch how they saw their own future VERY quickly by seeing what the account balances would be in between paychecks, or as early as every week, all the way up to 15 years if the budget is displayed in an annual way.

Final thoughts: You will always be the guide for your financial life, unless you are willing to have someone else guide your financial life for you. Plan well and dream big!

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