Do you use the reward cards?

I just got back from our local CVS. No need to worry, it wasn’t because any of us were sick and needing medicine. It was simply to get a gallon of milk.

There are 2 reasons that we get milk at our local CVS, in addition to some other things when they are on sale. A gallon of milk there is $3.59/gallon and the cost has been that way for a while. That may or may not seem inexpensive, but it is about $4.29 at our 2 local ACME stores. That’s already a savings of 16.3% ($0.70 / $4.29). However, we picked it up for only 9¢. A savings of 97.5% over the regular cost of a gallon of milk at the CVS, and a savings of 97.9% over ACME’s price. Yes, that is all a full gallon of milk cost us because of the fact that we use our CVS card.

The reason for this is because we sometimes get extra reward bucks as they call them. Basically, instead of a coupon for a certain amount off certain items, they put reward bucks onto your CVS card and they can accumulate over time. And yes, you can also use coupons for the products you purchase just like normal. In our case, we had accumulated $3.50 in reward bucks. Since we had to use it by next week because it happened to expire then, I turned around and and walked right back in and bought another gallon of milk. I mean after all, how many times do you get a gallon of milk for 9¢?!

So, do you bother using these type of rewards cards?

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  1. Hey there Rich, interesting concept of the reward cards from the CVS. Now is CVS simply your local pharmacy, or something else? How did you get your card there and does it have any fees? How much do you earn each time you spend using that card? How does it compare to a rewards credit card like American Express?

    Thanks for sharing!


    • All good questions Jeremy. The card doesn’t cost anything, and CVS is my local pharmacy. I simply asked them for a rewards card, an filled out the information so that they could look up my card by either phone number, name, or address.
      As for how much do we earn each time we use the card, it depends upon what we buy and whether they have any “rewards bucks” associated with them. Each item that offers them, is clearly marked and also listed in their weekly circular that we get. And the items that earn the rewards are different almost every week.


    • Luana says:

      Sorry for getting back so late one this. I sopupse this will be for future reference . . .As far as I know (after all the explanations and a few ‘arguments’ because the ad doesn’t say ‘sale’ on Wednesday) if an item has any kind of price reduction, sale pairing (some candy is currently must buy 2 to get sale price) or Extra Bucks associated with it you will not get a discount. If an items gets modified in price (clearance, price correction, rain checks etc.) no further discount will be applied.If your store puts clearance items in as taxable/non-taxable items at the register a discount will be applied. I’ve been to a few stores that operate that way with the green tag items.This logic should also mean that photos do not get a discount (but 50+ $.19 each, less than 50 $.25 each), however I did have a customer but photos & received the discount.

  2. CVS is one place I definitely use the rewards card – at Rite Aid, too! But WOW, milk is high in your area – $3.59 is full price for me; I haven’t paid over $2.79 in years (I never buy unless it’s on sale).

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