Curbing spending even when you thought you were at bare bones

Well, I guess using the term “bare bones” spending is a bit of a stretch, since we do have 4 cell phones with an unlimited data plan. But that leads us to wonder if we can continue curbing spending even when you thought you were at bare bones.

However with that being said, my dear wife and I were talking about how we could cut down spending a little more without feeling much of a pinch. I thought about it for a couple days and simply made a change to our heating bill without her or our wonderful kiddos noticing much of a difference.

This all worked out well with regards to timing, since we had our heater break down on us when a bit of a cold spell was coming through our area. The temperature in our house managed to get down to a very brisk 50 degrees, which to some may seem normal but bear in mind that over the years I’ve managed to drop our normal temperature during the heating season from a balmy 75 degrees down to 72-73 degrees!

I ordered the circuit board for the heater online and our family was content enough just staying in our house while the part was coming in.
Now on to hatching my “evil” plan. During this short period of time (literally about a week), my wife and kids were under blankets that we had around the house almost all the time that they were in the house. My wife found that it wasn’t as cold as she thought during the day when I and the children weren’t there because she kept herself active doing things around the house. We have a programmable thermostat that came with the house. I now set it up to turn down to 66 for 5 hours during the day while the kids were at school and I was at work. I also set it up to turn down to 66 after 11pm and turn back up to 73 at 5am.

I usually budget our propane payments about $800/month during the coldest times of the winter (about 3 months), and then $650-$700 for the not-so-cold months that are before and after the cold spell. We made it all the way into very late November before even getting a single bill!!! That may not seem like much, but my budget had allocated just about $1,200 for that time

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