Corporate America is bad while people are good

Do you find yourself driven to get angry at corporate America, only to be driven into it’s arms? I mean, if corporate America is bad while people are good, doesn’t that sound you’re limiting yourself by focusing only on yourself in a bad way?

As I was heading in to work this morning, I heard a woman on the radio protesting rate hikes for the Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) company, saying that they should be digging into their corporate profits not the customer’s pockets to pay. This is where the double-edged sword or bipennis gladio comes in as I see it. Her complaint was an often heard one regarding rate hikes to pay for losses associated with some kind of a disaster, natural or otherwise.
She could have chosen to purchase some shares of JCP&L and since they pay a decent dividend of $2.20/share or 4.8%/year currently, helped to hold back any impact to her bottom line by using the profits that she received from “the corporation” and used that to pay any additional increase that occurred. This would be the philosophical version of simply flipping the double-edged sword over, but maybe it may make her feel better in the end.
After all, don’t a lot of us work for a company that may want to be profitable in order to increase our paycheck and their own profits at the same time? Isn’t that the goal of a business in the first place, and thus the employees that work for the business? I see it as a symbiotic relationship, the corporation needs us just as much as we need it.

PS: At a quick glance, the ex-dividend date is 5/3/2013 currently, so if you want to get in on the dividend just buy some shares before that date. :-)

Final thoughts: Double-edged circumstances abound throughout life. Some swords are dull, while others are razor sharp. Deciding what is in our best interest is important, but also helping others is imperative in helping us to keep forward momentum as a species.

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