Coffee prices due to increase, potentially

I heard the folks on the radio talking this morning about a problem with Arabica Coffee bean problems. Evidently there is a coffee fungus spreading throughout Central America that is devastating crops. They also said that this will impact prices of coffee over here.
As I was driving into our local Wawa superstore for my morning coffee roll (actually it’s a cinnamon roll,) without coffee, how this would affect them. Most of the people I know drink coffee and rant about how good Wawa coffee is, and they of course go to Wawa several times throughout the day. The flurry of people coming in/out would put about 35%-40% of the people who go into the store seem to get coffee (quick analysis revealed that 22 people out of 60 people who came in bought coffee), and … would it affect their morning/afternoon/evening coffee runs to the store. I would have to think that the impact would be minimal from a shear numbers perspective. My quick analysis of the 60 people that were there within the 5 minutes I was there would come to about 43,000+ people and 35% of them getting coffee would get me to a little more than 17,000 people who bought coffee in the store during a given 12 hour day. Keep in mind that I was there around 5:15 am, so lunch would get a lot of heavy traffic, not to mention a little later in the morning since I got to work at 6:00 am and most people get to work around 8-9am.
With those numbers in mind at one store, imagine what it looks like across the entire chain of Wawa stores! If Wawa’s cost for the coffee goes up 5¢ lb, they could in theory increase their prices a nickel due to the decreased supply of coffee. That could be a huge windfall for the Wawa food chain!

Do you drink coffee, and if so, how much or do you buy it while your out all the time?

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