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Method of buy low and sell high strategy

We all know that you want to buy low and sell high, I presume. So let’s examine what that may mean for the individual investor. Using the buy low and sell high strategy, you have to offset 1 or more … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy filing and Detroit woes

By now you’ve heard about the bankruptcy filing and woes that Detroit is facing. This article from the Wall Street Journal mentions that the city has worked out a plan to pay creditors back 75ยข/$1. That’s a 25% reduction, but … Continue reading

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Card swipe fees compared to realtor fees

The purpose of this post isn’t to bad mouth anybody for charging a fee for a service, especially a useful one which they both can be. In this article, Target and Macy's are suing Mastercard and Visa over swipe fees. … Continue reading

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Price gouging fines should be returned to those affected

Upon driving to work this morning I heard the newscast state that some of the companies involved in price gouging during Hurricane Sandy would receive fines for overcharging customers during a crisis. I believe that the price gouging fines should … Continue reading

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