Cashier stated it was not necessary to paying in full, WWYD?

I was at the store the other day and bought a few items that came to $5.13 after tax was added in. I had only $5 in my pocket and paid her with that and stated that I’ll pay the remainder using my debit card.

As I was reaching for my wallet, the cashier said that wasn’t necessary and that “people leave change behind all the time on purpose, so don’t worry about it”.

Now, it was only 2.6% of the purchase price plus taxes added together anyway, but the only time I’ve experienced the “don’t worry about it” phrase from a cashier was on 1-3 cents. Never as much as 13¢ though.

The converse of this was a couple days later at another store, I bought something that cost $1.39 but I only had $1.36. I figured that the cashier wouldn’t have worried so much about it, however she sat there waiting for me to come up with the 3¢. Well, just before I actually bothered to pull out my debit card to pay for the 3 ¢, I noticed a penny just sitting on the napkin holder and coincidentally 2 sitting on the cash register. I asked if that would be okay to use them to pay for it and she said yes. That still happens to be smaller than the first scenario using both percentages and actual pennies, although not a lot.

So, was it alright to just not pay the 13¢ to the first cashier, and if so why or why not?

And no, I’m not exactly going to loose sleep over it. :-)

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2 Responses to Cashier stated it was not necessary to paying in full, WWYD?

  1. How guilty I would feel about 13 cents would depend on what proportion that was to the total change available. I’d feel bad about emptying it out, but if it was one of those change cups overflowing with pennies, not so much.

    That said, if I had a $5 and my bill came to $5.13, I would have just pulled out my debit card and left the fiver in my wallet.

    • Yeah, I guess that could have been another way to go Edward. The only reason I pulled the $5 out of my pocket was because I thought I actually had a quarter or some other change in there, but couldn’t find it past my cell phone or the $5. :-)

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