Budget and spending for a nation

Well, the White House has released it’s estimated budget here.

I’d like to take note on a couple of things on page 6 (S-4 Table):

  • Social security spending – $773B, is higher than defense spending – $709B
  • Defense and non-Defense (agricultural, etc.) combined is less than “mandatory” spending for SS/Medicare/Medicaid
  • There appears to be a deficit spending plan in place that gets down to a maximum of $662B more than they bring in
  • They seem to add the net interest paid in the “Outlays” section, and then re-add it in the “Deficit” section

Perhaps someone can explain the purpose of adding the amount of interest paid back into that section to show that the “off-budget deficit / surplus (-)” gets to be reported as a surplus every year and yet the national debt still continues to grow.

I want to have a budget like they get to play with. :-)

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