Having to adjust for overspending

Prior to Christmas, my wife went out to get a few items for our 4 children for Christmas and because she didn’t have the cash on hand, she found herself having to adjust her own budget to fit within the confines of the same amount I was going to give her for groceries and clothing, since a few of the Christmas items ended up on the Jan. bill instead of the Feb. bill as she was hoping.
We both went grocery shopping like we usually do at Aldi's, and managed to keep our spending to $200, which filled the shopping cart tightly as usual. We didn’t get quite as many meats as we usually do, but the cart was filled above the edge and that included filling the front seat with some chips/pretzels/eggs. She could have spent a little more if she wanted, but that would require that the entire Kohl's charge to not be paid off so that no interest was paid. Remember that the $200 that we spent was for 2 weeks since that is how I am compensated, and that the $200 will be used to feed 6 people for 14 days until I am paid again. That works out to $2.38/person/day for this pay period! Yes, we will be eating 3 square meals every day with snacks in between since there were cookies/chips/pretzels/yogurt/fruit/vegetables … and 5 containers of ice cream.
Faced with the two options and without hesitation, she paid the cash and we proceeded to Kohl's and paid the $235 bill entirely with the leftover cash. Now, we could have taken a little out of the savings account if we really needed to but we are making sure to make these little sacrifices so that our family keeps on a firm financial foundation.
That brings up a question though. If we can manage to do groceries on only $200 for this 2 week period, and I lowered the amount a little (about $50), that could go towards our savings and/or retirement savings. After all, $50 * 26 = $1,300. There are a couple of caveats to this though, the clothing budget for the 2 weeks is gone, and the money I give to her is also used for entertainment (i.e. going to the movies, skating, etc.), and sometimes for us to go out to dinner either with or without the kiddos.
Should we try to reduce those expenditures by about 11% or keep it at the current level, and what do you allow for those expenses?

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