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Coffee prices due to increase, potentially

I heard the folks on the radio talking this morning about a problem with Arabica Coffee bean problems. Evidently there is a coffee fungus spreading throughout Central America that is devastating crops. They also said that this will impact prices … Continue reading

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Website finally starting to generate more AdSense revenue

My website was finally starting to pick up it’s AdSense revenue. While I was a little surprise by the amount it went up, it almost falls inline with the fact that I’ve added 3 AdSense entries onto the website this … Continue reading

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Millennial generation is not well informed when it comes to credit scores

I just saw some folks talking on the talk show Cavuto, and they were stating Millennials do not no how to use credit scores to their advantage or what benefits there are to having a good credit score. My question … Continue reading

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Target Networth or Target Debt Reduction

First let me apologize to those folks that follow my blog, since I have gone through some very difficult family times recently with the passing of both my father and my father-in-law, all within the month of April &ellipse; not … Continue reading

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