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The lowdown on MYRA accounts

The current POTUS has signed legislation for "lower income" families to be able to put some of their hard earned money into a new type of account called a MYRA account. The primary goal of the MYRA account is a … Continue reading

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The Feds increase minimum wage again

It seems that every so often in the current administration, that they keep wanting to increase minimum wage again. This time is no different. I believe that there would be benefits to increasing it, but only if certain conditions would … Continue reading

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Net worth as of Dec 2013

Since this is a personal finance site, I figure I should divulge some bits of person financial information such as net worth. This is the first post of my net worth and I will try to post this every quarter … Continue reading

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Unemployment extension suggestion

I doubt that any of the legislators will ever read this, but why not set a limitation on the unemployment extension permanently? I was reading this article (, and the following thoughts came to mind. The thought I have would … Continue reading

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Having to adjust for overspending

Prior to Christmas, my wife went out to get a few items for our 4 children for Christmas and because she didn’t have the cash on hand, she found herself having to adjust her own budget to fit within the … Continue reading

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Pullback from the market

It's always a difficult stance to take, whether one should pullback from the market. After all, after the drop in the first quarter of 2013 and subsequent drive up of the market by the end of the year, one could … Continue reading

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