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Refinance revisited

I was contacted by a few companies about refinancing, which cause us to go into refinance revisited mode. It appears that we can still get a rate of 3.125% for a 15 year fixed for the remaining balance with very … Continue reading

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Social Security limitations

Well, according to this link, the maximum benefits a married couple can get appear to be $2,533 + $1,266.50 or $3,799.50/month. $45,594/yr for a married couple sounds pretty sweet. Now, how to get to that level while working within the … Continue reading

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Early 2012 tax filing checkup

Does anybody else do this? I know that I usually start roughly a month before the end of the year so that I can adjust it a little to make sure that I owe nothing because I keep my W-4 … Continue reading

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Economic predictions for 2013

Since this is a PF (Personal Finance) type blog, I thought I’d make my own 2013 predictions. I started this blog toward the end of 2012 and it seemed rather silly to bother making predictions since most of the year … Continue reading

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Curbing spending even when you thought you were at bare bones

Well, I guess using the term “bare bones” spending is a bit of a stretch, since we do have 4 cell phones with an unlimited data plan. But that leads us to wonder if we can continue curbing spending even … Continue reading

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