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Annual fiscal checkup

Our auto insurance policy is due very soon, so I thought I’d check and see what other options there were out there to save a little money. I contacted a few different traditional vendors. I mentioned that I would be … Continue reading

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Incredible opportunities arise if you plan

We usually allocate a relatively low amount of funds to clothing for ourselves and our children, but we just found something that was literally astonishing. Helping us further realize that some incredible opportunities come up if you plan. We went … Continue reading

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Basal Metabolic Rate and your finances

According to the formulas on this page, you merely have to get older and not get much taller in order to lose weight. At least if you’re a woman, because you can subtract 4.7 calories for every year older you … Continue reading

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Fuel spending, is it up or down

Between the areas that I typically drive, I see prices for fuel for vehicles ranging from $2.35/gal – $2.13/gal. The highest price is literally on my way in to work and about 5 miles before I hit a main road … Continue reading

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The “art” of standing still

If you are here for for relationship advice, you may feel free to move on to another web page now.   This article is regarding the “art” of standing still on financial decisions. It is easy to bring yourself to an … Continue reading

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Work overtime if possible, and is it worth it to max 401k

As I was examining my most recent paycheck, I noticed a peculiar thing. I currently have 10% of my pay taken out pre-tax for my 401k at work. I am lucky enough to get a dollar for dollar match up … Continue reading

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What’s your investment growth rate this year?

I thought I’d check the current month against last year. After all, don’t we all check at least every year? Well my IRA which I have more control over (i.e. can purchase individual stocks/bonds/equities), hit 24.82%! That’s 2 years in … Continue reading

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Budget and spending for a nation

Well, the White House has released it’s estimated budget here. I’d like to take note on a couple of things on page 6 (S-4 Table): Social security spending – $773B, is higher than defense spending – $709B Defense and non-Defense … Continue reading

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“It’s a matter of math”, but what kind of math

In an article posted by Bloomberg here:, President Obama stated: “it’s a matter of him being partisan” and “It’s a matter of math”. And here are some other items that were mentioned: Well, according to the article it states … Continue reading

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