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Cashier stated it was not necessary to paying in full, WWYD?

I was at the store the other day and bought a few items that came to $5.13 after tax was added in. I had only $5 in my pocket and paid her with that and stated that I’ll pay the … Continue reading

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Validation that you’re heading in the right direction

Some 10 years ago, I can recall using my net worth to verify that we were on the right path with our finances. Back then I included my home appraisal and mortgage debt into that calculation. I think that at … Continue reading

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Here’s an excellent article with links to great personal finance advice

Shilpan has posted a very nice “10 best things to do” in this article Here’s the link in case you don’t see it above for some reason.

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Do you use the reward cards?

I just got back from our local CVS. No need to worry, it wasn’t because any of us were sick and needing medicine. It was simply to get a gallon of milk. There are 2 reasons that we get milk … Continue reading

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